Thank you for your visit to my website. I offer genealogical research in archives throughout The Netherlands for genealogists from abroad. My main area of expertise are the cities of Rotterdam, Schiedam, Delft and Vlaardingen in the Dutch province of South-Holland.

I also design new or existing coat of arms. All countries and areas had their own special types of heraldry. A coat of arms from Holland is clearly different then a coat of arms from, for example, England.

I am specialized in designing coat of arms in the typical style used in The Netherlands and Germany. But I also have experience with designing coat of arms from other countries as well. Please see my Heraldic designs for an impression of my work.


Design and painting a new coat of arms 149,-

Design and painting of an existing coat of arms 99,-

The above mentioned prices includes a unique hand painted coat of arms of 20 x 25 cm. You will also receive a description with explanation of the used elements and the name for who the coat of arms was designed. All coat of arms are designed after consulting the customer about important aspects that might be used as element (for example, a specific function within several generations, place of origin of the family or the meaning of the family name).

The price for genealogical research depends of the exact question and the time that is necessary for the research. To give an indication: I charge 30,- per hour (plus additional costs, like copy costs).

For any question or more information about genealogical and heraldic research in The Netherlands please contact me through the following contactform.


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